cute spice label background with garlic cloves
Pass the Garlic Spice Labels
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Check out our hand-drawn spice labels!  You can find them for sale here.
We also make tea and jam labels.

Each of our cute spice labels is designed and drawn by hand and printed on round waterproof labels. We started with spice labels for ourselves, but you can have some for your spice jars too!

Our original set has expanded quite a bit since we started, as our customers have requested new spice labels not yet in our collection, so we currently have over 120 spice label designs! See the store page for a complete list or with a list of spice labels you would like for your own custom set.

Each salt crystal, garlic clove, and sage leaf, as well as the lettering on these spice labels was lovingly designed and hand-drawn by me. Have an overzealous mixer? Don't worry! If a splash of cake batter or curry should come their way, they can be gently wiped clean. Each circular spice label is 1.5 or 2 inches in diameter, perfect for fitting onto the lids or sides of spice jars in a standard spice rack.

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